Learn the Importance of Workplace Drug Testing


As a matter of fact, drug abuse and alcohol is a major health and safety hazard in the workplace. It can result in reduced productivity as well as poor employee morale. At the same time, drug abuses and alcohol may result in increased costs in terms of healthcare claims. Because of this, instant drug tests play an important role in the workplace to ensure employees do not abuse drugs and alcohol.

Generally, customers would put more trust in a company that emphasizes on a drug-free workplace. Because of this, drug testing is becoming important during hiring. Therefore, employers conduct drug tests as part of background screening for drug abuse may result in serious consequences in the workplace. At the same time, DOT drug testing is a requirement for employees in public transit, aviation, marine, pipeline, and maritime industries.

There are, however, various ways to perform drug tests. Some tests will involve using urine, saliva, or even blood. Depending on the nature of work you do or the company policies, you need testing for the drug. There, however, DOT drug testing kits Canada to perform drug test within a short time.

Saliva drug testing is one of the non-invasive drug test method popular in workplaces as well as in post-accident. The advantage of saliva drug testing can help detect current intoxication. Also, the testing method makes it easier to observe the entire testing process since it is less invasive.  As a result, the possibility of sample adulteration is reduced greatly.

The need for workplace drug test kits canada is important for a number of reasons. The following are some of the reasons that make workplace drug testing necessary.

  1. Helps the community.

It is the responsibility of everyone to fight the war on drug abuse. Therefore, both small and big companies need to perform drug testing in the workplace. Because of this, workplace drug testing Canada helps the community as well. This is because employing drug-free individuals ensures the immediate area is drug-free. To get some facts about drug testing, go to http://edition.cnn.com/2017/03/27/us/refugees-jobs-drug-testing/index.html.

  1. Enhances productivity of employees.

As a matter of fact, an employee with drugs in the system cannot be productive. However, if the employees are abusing drugs while still working, they become less productive.  Usually, some prescription medications and illegal drugs will affect a person reaction time, judgment, and may also result in risk-taking behaviors. Through workplace drug testing, however, employees will avoid drugs either at home or workplace. As a result, employees will perform their job properly and safely thereby improving productivity.

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